About “Dialogues” & “Community”

Dialogues (2010-2020) is a large series of small art collages (+3500). They are meant to be a collection of ‘artefacts’ balancing between time and space, the past and the future, nature and culture. The material that is used was never meant to be unique; it is often blurry, fragmentary and abstract. The original works had a strict 9x9cm format but evolved slowly towards the international standard of an ID- or creditcard. The following series evolved towards either two pieces linked to each other as ‘dogtags’ or individual ID-cards, with a whole range of variations (2014-2016). The dialogue continued between two of those cards, some of them revealing both sides of the card (e.g. the Double sided dialogues in 2018). The 2019 “X”-series brings single Dialogues to a broader and secure environment but nevertheless in a polorazing balance.

From 2020 onwards a new series is developing. “Community” explores a more elaborate interaction between ID’s. In the Quarantaine series (2020) this is visible in the ‘mouth caps’, the coronaproof ‘bubbles’ and the big ‘labo’-setting. The 2022 series goes back to the essence, combining assemblage and collage (the ID-cards) in a securing environment.

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