About my Work

Marc Mestdagh (°1966)

From an early stage (1982) I have been exploring many artistic examples and techniques, mainly collage and assemblage. Later on these experiments lead to technically more mature works. Some received prices or recommendations and were exhibited.  See some of these works lower on this page.

A turning point has been the development of the series of Dialogues from 2010 onwards. Dialogues (2010-2020) is a large series of small art collages (+3500). They are meant to be a collection of ‘artefacts’ balancing between time and space, the past and the future, nature and culture. The material that is used was never meant to be unique; it is often blurry, fragmentary and abstract. The original works had a strict 9x9cm format but evolved slowly towards the international standard of an ID- or creditcard. The following series evolved towards either two pieces linked to each other as ‘dogtags’ or individual ID-cards, with a whole range of variations (2014-2016). The dialogue continued between two of those cards, some of them revealing both sides of the card (e.g. the Double sided dialogues in 2018). The 2019 “X”-series brings single Dialogues to a broader and secure environment but nevertheless in a polorazing balance.

From 2020 onwards a new series is developing. “Community” explores a more elaborate interaction between ID’s. In the Quarantaine series (2020) this is visible in the ‘mouth caps’, the coronaproof ‘bubbles’ and the big ‘labo’-setting. The 2022 series goes back to the essence, combining assemblage and collage (the ID-cards) in a securing environment.

Some pictures: Het vroege uur (1984), Goldberg Variationen, var. 21 (1993), Archeologie 17 (1995), De Wissel (1996),  Nature Morte (1998), Dialoog nr. 1 (2010), Dialoog 14-18 (2014), Dialoog (2015), Dubbeldialoog (2018) [photocredits (c) bartvanleuven.com]


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